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Registering parrots without microchip

I am not sure if this falls totally out of scope for the NZCAR stands for, but thought I would raise anyway.For small-medium parrots, you can get them chipped. It is not as common as it causes a lot of stress to parrots (they have to go under anaesthesia), and due to how vulnerable/delicate they are in general.Sometimes people mark their parrots with a leg band https://www.parrot.co.nz/LegRingshttps://www.parrot.co.nz/resources/Documents/RingSizeChart.pdfMaybe an option to add a leg band description if applicable:blue leg band on right legmetal leg band on left leg with ID number 1234Maybe when someone goes to register their parrot and it is neither banded nor chipped, you could reference resources like above to encourage/educate on it.People only tend to get their parrots chipped when their parrot is:a) big and expensiveb) their parrot is already going under anaesthesia for another reason, so you may as well get them chipped while you are at itIs it possible to be able to register your parrot without a microchip? Parrots go missing all of the time because (((flyinnggg))). What if you could register your parrot with just where they live (general area), having multiple photos, and their regular vet as their details?Then if a vet or animal rescue has them, they could compare possibly look at the register to compare the rescued parrot against parrots marked as "lost" in the register and compare the "lost" notes (see below) to see if there is a match. Lots of people who lose their parrots end up using the power of Facebook lost pet pages to help, but would be cool to be able to extend this to parrots that aren't chippedI am not sure if you can do this already (I'll raise a separate ticket), but when you mark an animal as lost, you should be able to put a note against that.I.e. Mark as lost- "Dog went missing when at Example Beach at 10am"- "Dog escaped from fenced property in Y suburb at around 4pm"- "Parrot escaped at about 9am on Friday from Blah Suburb"

Sarah Jackson About 1 year ago